Who We Are

John8thirtytwo Publishing is a self-publishing company in Victoria, BC owned and operated by April Cocoroch. The company name reflects the message of John 8:32 which is: "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -KJV 

This scripture is the embodiment of April's intentions, plans and purpose as a publishing company as well as an author.


Our Purpose

John8thirtytwo Publishing is committed to providing insightful books and videos that help people gain knowledge and understanding about the Bible and the message it contains. All books and videos will be intended for a wide non-denominational readership and viewership.


Statement of Principles

All proceeds from the sale of products on this site are devoted to the costs of publishing, printing, computer hardware, software programs and supporting John8thirtytwo Publishing in the production of Bible Study aids as well as to aid John8thirtytwo Publishing in spreading the Holy Word of God and the message it contains to the World.

100% of all contributions are also devoted to the same costs as stated above.


If you would like to contribute* to the creation and development of projects, which currently include producing animated educational videos which are made available for free viewing on YouTube and here on this site to a worldwide audience, please use the PayNow button below. After clicking the PayNow button, you may enter any monetary amount you wish to contribute in the "Price per Item". Then click "continue".

Contributions are used solely for the purposes stated in the “Statement of Principles” above.

Thank you for your support and contribution. Your support aids John8thirtytwo Publishing in continuing to spread the Holy Word of God and the message it contains to the World. May God bless you.

*Please note: This is not a registered charity. This is not, a non-profit organization. You will not receive nor be eligible for a donation receipt for tax purposes.

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Current Projects

Current project:  

Projects for 2018: Translations for Isaiah 6:1-8 and Daniel 7:9,10. Updates are posted regularly on social media, follow on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (links above).