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The Throne of God, New Jerusalem, Ezekiel's Vision
The Holy of Holies & The Ancient of Days 


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DVD 720 x 480i (NTSC),720 x 576i (PAL) 31min.25sec. 

(English) Animated 2017

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Created and produced by April Cocoroch © 2017 John8thirtytwo Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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This DVD is FREE, only pay for actual shipping costs, and this animated Bible study aid DVD is yours. Take awe-inspiring journeys as John's vision of the throne of God, New Jerusalem and Ezekiel's Vision of God are brought to life in all their glory. Experience Isaiah’s vision of God and Seraphim, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. Witness Isaiah’s call and grand commission, all of which takes place within the walls of the glorious temple that King Solomon built. Experience Daniel’s vision of God, the Ancient of Days, on His throne of judgement. Surrounding Him are 12 judges and thousands and thousands of angels. Before Him is a river of fire and a crowd of ten thousand times ten thousand people. All narration is quoted directly from the Holy Bible, which describes each of the magnificent visions in all of their intricate detail. 

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